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Leann M. Croft, MSPT, CIDN 

Leann is a native of Bloomington, Illinois. She is a graduate of Normal Community High School, Heartland Community College, and Illinois State University. In 2002, she received her Master of Science in Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL. 

Leann completed many continuing education courses sponsored by the International Pelvic Pain Society, Women's Health Section of the APTA, and other pelvic floor courses prior to completing her PT degree. Ms. Croft was also fortunate enough to receive one-on-one training with pioneers in this field, Rhonda Kotarinos and Bernadette Kamin, both ladies are physical therapists who specialize in pelvic floor rehabilitation.

With her MSPT degree complete, Leann went to work in Chicago where she did pelvic floor rehabilitation full-time. After practicing in Chicago for a year, Leann decided to move home to Central Illinois and open her own PT clinic, Croft Physical Therapy.

Loyola University Medical Center, University of Iowa, and Mayo Clinic have all referred patient's to Ms. Croft for physical therapy treatment of pelvic related dysfunction. Leann is happy to work with local and long-distant medical professionals to ensure success throughout the rehab process.

In 2014 Ms. Croft received her certification in dry-needling. Dry needling is a technique utilized to decrease soft tissue restrictions and promote healing. At this time, Ms. Croft also decided to open up her practice to more than just pelvic floor rehabilitation. Croft Physical Therapy changed it's name in 2017 to HOPE Center for Pain in order for all people suffering with pain to feel welcome to contact us. Now, anyone experiencing any type of pain or dysfunction is welcome at HOPE Center for Pain. 

As a patient of HOPE Center for Pain, you will receive hands-on treatment by a licensed professional. Home exercise will be a part of the treatment plan; however, during your treatment session you will receive manual therapy. If utilized, biofeedback and electrical stimulation would only be given as part of a Home Exercise Program. While you are in the office, the time will be utilized for valuable hands-on physical therapy.

The therapy staff at HOPE is made up of PT, PTA, and LMT professionals. All therapists are trained in hands-on pain elimination. If stretches and/or exercises are a part of your therapy treatment plan, we will guide you on those as part of your Home Exercise Plan.